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I have been a self-taught professional mixed media artist since 2009. However in 2018 I decided to return to education and enrolled on the MA Contemporary Arts course at Salford University spread over two years, part-time. 

As part of my creative research for this course I decided to explore and experiment using cymatics & sound as a means for creating and inspiring my future work and thus decided to set up this website to document my journey into expanding my studio practice into a whole new area.

Here I hope to share some of progress, experimental works of art along with my trials and errors. I trust if your here you are interested in this topic and if you have any questions or feedback I would be delighted to hear from you.

B. Mullally (Midge)


Artist Statement

My work looks to explore alternative perspectives and correlations between mainstream scientific concepts and alternative or holistic approaches in relation to anthropology, music and psychology, with a view to exploring possibilities and opportunities that provide an ‘out of the box’ perspective, informative narrative, deeper understanding, interesting experience and raising awareness of such concepts through visual art.

Inspiration for my work draws upon my childhood fascination and interests around nature, music, mythology, cosmology, astrology, symbolism, cultural beliefs and heritage enhanced by expanded research carried out in my adult life into related scientific and historic concepts and theories, literary writings and critiques by professionals and academics.

My previous work focused on developing my art practice through exploring and developing mixed media concepts, techniques and methods to provide visual representations of my natural surroundings, people and symbolism through mixed media, painting, drawing, calligraphy and handmade books, alongside interaction and engagement through various community lead projects involving education, health and well being with local schools, special needs and voluntary art groups.

My work has been exhibited locally throughout Cheshire and collected in the UK and Ireland. I have also been the honored recipient of the Visitors Choice Award 2014 at the Castle Park Annual Open Exhibition and the Mayors Choice Award 2016 at the Cheshire Open Studios Annual Exhibition.