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My work looks to explore alternative perspectives and correlations between mainstream scientific concepts and alternative or holistic approaches in relation to anthropology, music and psychology, with a view to exploring possibilities and opportunities that provide an ‘out of the box’ perspective, informative narrative, deeper understanding, interesting experience and raising awareness of such concepts through visual art. Inspiration for my work draws upon my childhood fascination and interests around nature, music, mythology, cosmology, astrology, symbolism, cultural beliefs and heritage enhanced by expanded research carried out in my adult life into related scientific and historic concepts and theories, literary writings and critiques by professionals and academics. Click here to learn more about me, the artist behind this project.

Latest Exhibitions & Events


Painting to music

Explorations of performance based painting to music incorporating elements of dance at Partisan Gallery in Manchester provided a unique opportunity to experiment with different types of media and explore the practicalities of combining these art forms. This public performance enabled me to explore concepts relating to contemporaneous sensory perception and proprioception in response to music. See the Gallery section for more images from this project.

Sound Bites


Sound Bites is a series of works created using drawing with charcoal on vellum whilst listening to music using headphones which provided an immersive environment without any distractions. This experimental research enabled me to focus on  exploring mark making in response to a varied selection of music and intuitively responding to melody, rythm and harmony in an emotively responsive and multi-sensory way. The variation of mark making, line and flow across multiple pages captured what I refer to as ‘soundbites’ i.e. sections or snippets of a song or melody ranging from a variety of music genres.  Check out my Gallery for more images of the work from this series.


I was delighted to be part of our first MA Art Exhibition at the Partisan Collective Gallery in Manchester on 30th April 2019. It gave me the opportunity to showcase my first series of completed works, using sound as my inspiration.

The works combined techniques such as marbling and monoprinting. These were displayed alongside my sketchbook and a display board illustrating some of the experimentations with different media carried out to date.

Exhibition of completed works at Partisan Collective Gallery